Hello, the bunny rabbit in the picture was hand drawn colored with pencil, her eyes were dramatized with acrylic and marker and the background was acrylic mixed with water. If you would like to learn to make this darling artwork I have one on one classes at coffee restaurants and sometimes libraries. In a class everything is provided by me, the only thing you bring is some old clothes and your ...
These cute handmade critters were felted for hours and hours fluff piece by fluff piece. One is a little Dutch rabbit. She was modeled after my real Dutch rabbit. It is bigger than a quarter and is a decorative item only. It will come apart of it is played with. It would be perfect for bunny lovers or Easter decor. She comes with a felted carrot as well.The other one is a duck which I think is ...
Young female Dwarf Netherland Rabbit. Will only be 2 lbs full grown. She is very tame and likes to be held. This price includes cage and all supplies.
Our bunnies come from individuals who no longer want their pet. Patches is the son of Oreo and Caramel who were brought to the sanctuary together and were no longer wanted by their owner. He is a lovable bunny who loves lounging around in the sun and eating hay. He loves a nice cuddle and lots of things to chew on!
Our bunnies come from owners who no longer want their pets. Twix comes from Oreo and Caramel who came to our sanctuary as surrenders. Twix loves eating hay and spending time with his brothers. He starts out timid but calms down quickly. He loves to be brushed and held; he would be a good family pets so long as his new home is willing to work with him.
Our bunnies come to us from owners that no longer want their pet, Mars comes from Oreo and Caramel who were brought to us after their owners decided they no longer wanted them. Mars is a timid bunny that will calm down with handling. He loves carrots and apples as well as sitting in laps!
Around the home car or wrap hot water heater that's in the garage Also insulate cages outside for rabbits ect
Hello, I offer pet sitting to the following species Rabbits, guinea pigs,and hedgehogs. No reptiles please I can take care of them while you take a vacation, for 7.00 I clean the cages daily sanitize every three days take the pet out for play time daily. Rabbits play in an extremely large pen for at least two hours. If grooming is necessary Ill be sure to take care of that, as well as getting t...
This elaborate cage is great for guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs,chinchillas, and even a very spoiled rotten hamster even. The cage has an under hide out and a pull out litter box which is very convenient for easy cleaning. The bottom makes the animal feel safe like it is in its den. The cage has a latch where you can close the access to the under part and it even has wheels for quick transport...
1st Dress: New w/ tags, New Direction Brand, 14 2nd: New w/o tags, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Designs Brand, 14
I have a black and white lop ear bunny rabbit , he comes with his cage , toys , left over food and hay , bedding , etc . he loves to play , loves kids and animals. i just dont have time to give him proper attention due to my job
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